What subtle detail is added in advertising to increase the attractiveness of a poster?

Marketing companies can use the power of the unconscious and the subtleties of our brain to manipulate us and encourage us to buy their product.

Here is a little test to demonstrate:

Instinctively, if you had to designate your favorite photo as quickly as possible, without thinking too much, which one would you choose?

Here are the two photos side by side:

If you chose number 2 , you are like the vast majority of human beings.

Why ?

Because the pupils of the eyes of the woman on the right are bigger than they are in the photo on the left.

Our pupils dilate on certain drugs or when there is a sudden decrease in light. But when someone likes what they see, when they feel positive feelings/attraction to somebody, the pupils also dilate due to what scientists call the "Sympathetic pupillary response."

As human beings prefer to arouse be aroused rather than bored, their choice will automatically more likely be the face on the right than on the one on the left.

Marketing companies often use this technique with phot-editing software on some to increase interest in their product, unconsciously.

The human brain is fascinating, isn't it?

_Written by J. Trevor Woodhams, M.D. - Chief of Surgery, Woodhams Eye Clinic