The PreLex™ Procedure

PreLex is short for presbyopic lens exchange. During the PreLex™ procedure, your surgeon will remove the natural lens in your eye and replace it with a multi-focal lens.

The implanted multi-focal lens allows your eye to focus at near and distance. This is more akin to the normal function of the natural eye. The mono-focal lenses, which have been traditionally used in cataract surgery, only allow clear vision focus at one point, either distance or near. The same is true with LASIK solutions which are usually performed to allow for clear vision for distance. This is why the results you'll see from your PreLex™ procedure are superior to LASIK for patients over 50.

Woodhams Eye Clinic is proud to service the PreLex™ needs of residents of Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and the Atlanta Metro area. PreLex is an excellent option for people who suffer from cataracts or presbyopia.

PreLex™ at Woodhams Eye Clinic

Woodhams Eye Clinic was the first and is the exclusive provider for Prelex™ in Georgia.

With the PreLex™ procedure, your new lens will not change or deteriorate with age like your natural lens, and your vision will remain clear with little or no dependence on corrective lenses. Recovery for each patient is as individual as the patient. Some patients report improved vision right away and some will see halos around lights while their eyes adjust to the new lenses. Be assured that our doctors will track your progress after surgery in thorough follow-up visits.

If you live in the Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, or Atlanta Metro area and would like to discuss the option of a PreLex™ procedure with an experienced eye surgeon, please contact Woodhams Eye Clinic to schedule a consultation today.

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PreLex™ at Woodhams Eye Clinic

Conditions Treatable with PreLex™

At Woodhams Eye Clinic, our doctors will meet with you and discuss your treatment options. They will recommend the appropriate surgical solutions after a comprehensive evaluation of your eye health and vision goals. PreLex™ may be the solution for you if you have any of the following:

  • Cataracts The clouding of the eye lens that is part of the natural aging process.
  • Presbyopia The age-related loss of flexibility in the eye lens that prevents us from varying our focus. Seeing up close becomes more difficult around the age of 40.
  • Myopia Known as nearsightedness. This condition makes distant objects appear out of focus.
  • Hyperopia Also known as farsightedness. This condition prevents the eye from focusing correctly on near objects.

These conditions may also be treated with one of our other surgical procedures, such as LASIK, but our surgeons will discuss whether PreLex™ is the best way to correct your vision loss. Even if you have had other laser vision correction surgery in the past, PreLex™ may still be a good solution for you.

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