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Astigmatism is an overall inability of the eye to focus clearly at any distance because of uneven curvatures of the cornea. Instead of having uniform curvatures in all meridians, astigmatic corneas have more curvature in one meridian than the others. Corneas with pronounced astigmatism are shaped more like a football than a well-rounded basketball.

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Every cornea has some degree of astigmatism. Fortunately, for many individuals, the distortion due to uneven curvature is so slight that it has little impact on vision. However, as the degree of astigmatism increases, the level of distortion increases proportionately. Astigmatism often occurs in conjunction with nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Glasses and contact lenses to treat astigmatism have different areas of correction. If your lenses move so does the correction making it difficult to see your best. LASIK can be a great option to treat astigmatism because it corrects the shape of the cornea.

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