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"I can see close up but not far away."

If you can see close up but not far away, then you suffer from nearsightedness (myopia). It is the most common refractive error, appearing in over 25 percent of the population. At Woodhams Eye Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, we help patients with nearsightedness see more clearly every day with our comprehensive eye care.

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Symptoms of Nearsightedness

In general, when you experience nearsightedness, you will have trouble focusing on objects at a distance. Street signs or house numbers can be difficult to see clearly, or the scoreboard at sporting events will be out of focus. You may also experience any of the following:

  • Headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Squinting
  • Feeling of tired eyes

Causes of Nearsightedness

Myopia is commonly the result of a large or elongated eyeball. These shapes cause your distance vision to blur because the light from distant objects focuses in front of your retina instead of directly on it. This causes the image to appear blurry and out of focus.

Treatments for Nearsightedness

Contacts and glasses can give you clearer vision when you need it for driving or watching a movie, but if your nearsightedness is more severe, you will have to wear them all the time. Recent studies have shown that one out of 100 contact lens wearers will experience an infection that can lead to corneal damage. In addition, prolonged use of contacts can reduce cell count on the cornea.

For a more permanent solution, you may want to consider corrective surgery, including:

  • LASIK. With LASIK, your cornea will be reshaped so that light focuses directly on your retina to provide clearer vision.
  • ICL. Implantable collamer lenses are placed between your iris and your natural lens to provide vision correction. This procedure is designed for moderately to severely nearsighted patients who are not good candidates for Laser vision correction due to thin corneas or high prescriptions (-3 to -15) For patients over -15 lasik for residual myopia can be an option.

To learn more about your nearsightedness and how we can help you see more clearly, please call 770-394-4000 or contact Woodhams Eye Clinic today to schedule your eye care consultation in Atlanta, Georgia.

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