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What is Dry Eye?

Woodhams Eye Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia has a complete Dry Eye Clinic with the staff and expertise to treat Dry Eye comprehensively. Dry Eye Syndrome is a very common condition that affects not only your vision but also your overall quality of life. To keep the eyes moist and lubricated, a healthy tear film is necessary. Your tear film has three layers: aqueous (water), mucus, and lipid (oil). Dry Eye Syndrome occurs when the composition of any of these components becomes out of balance.

Symptoms include:

  • Blurry or fluctuating vision
  • Red and itching eyes
  • Excessive tearing or watery eyes
  • Stringy mucus around the eyes
  • Foreign body sensation

Who is at risk?

Patients most at risk for Dry Eye Syndrome are females over the age of 50. Heavy computer users who work extended hours looking at computer screens, surgical post-op patients, and those suffering from auto-immune diseases may be at risk for Dry Eye as well.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

Common causes of Dry Eye Syndrome include:

  • Use of antihistamines, decongestants, oral corticosteroids, hormone replacement therapy, beta blockers or diuretics, Accutane, oral birth control
  • Various autoimmune diseases
  • Environmental conditions such as low humidity in airplanes, hospitals, offices
  • Windy conditions
  • Computer use of more than two hours daily

Your symptoms can be most effectively managed by first identifying why and how your tear film is out of balance, so that your doctor can recommend the most appropriate treatment for you.

Treatments for Dry Eye Syndrome

At Woodhams Eye Clinic, we have developed a Dry Eye Clinic in Atlanta with exciting new diagnostic tests and treatment options. These include:

  • Blephex with Cliradex Treatment - Used to treat dry eye and specifically Blepharitis, Blephex with Cliradex Treatment works by exfoliation of the upper and lower eyelids to remove debris from the lid margin that may be causing inflammation and to treat the presence of Demodex mites.
  • MiBo Thermaflo: MiBo Thermaflow is a therapeutic medial device that is designed to liquify insipissated secretions and improve meibomian glandular function via continuous controlled heat. MiBo treatments offer immediate dry eye relief ameliorating the evaporative component of the eye.
  • OCuSOFT HypoClor Spray: OcuSoft HypoClor Spray is intended for cleaning and removing foreign materials and debris from the application site including microorganisms, immediate care of minor irritations to the skin, cleansing minor cuts, minor scrapes, and minor burns.
  • OCuSOFT Wipes: OCuSOFT wipes relieve irritation by removing oil, debris, pollen and other contaminants from eyelashes, eyelids and the face and aids in the removal of adult Demodex mites and their offspring when used daily. They also contain moisturizers and preservative blendd that offer anti-bacterial properties.
  • Punctal Plugs: Punctal plugs close the tiny opening (punctum) in the inner corner of your upper and lower eyelids. The closure conserves both your own tears and artificial tears you may have added.
  • Retaine MGD Ophthalmic Drops: A preservative-free lipid-replentishing formula utilizing electrostatic attraction to stabilize the tear film and protect against moisture loss.
  • Bruder Mask: A Bruder Mask stabilizes the tear film, improves oil gland function and slows tear evaporation.
  • Aril®: Aril® is an acellular allograft amniotic membrane utilized for chronic dry eye, recurrent abrasions, corneal ulcerations, and irregular corneal dystrophies. Aril® membranes are easily inserted and removed by our trained physicians for faster corneal healing with less pain, scarring, and inflammation. The amniotic tissue used in Aril® is provided by a tissue bank regulated by the FDA to make it safe and effective.
  • Avenova - Avenova treats Blepharitis by keeping your eyelids and eyelashes clean and free from debris and microorganisms.
  • TearLab. - This test measures tear osmolarity and can be used to diagnose and monitor dry eye syndrome.
  • InflammaDry - This test detects the presence of MMP-9, an inflammatory marker, and can be used to diagnose dry eye syndrome.
  • HydroEyes - This oral supplement has been formally studied and found to be effective in treating dry eye syndrome.
  • Blink & Blink Gel - These lubricating eye drops work for moderate to severe dry eyes.
If you think you may have Dry Eye Syndrome or have already been diagnosed with this condition, make an appointment with our Dry Eye Clinic today and find out what you can do to get your eyes feeling better! Dr. Jeremy Chartash, OD and Dr. Anar Maurya, OD are available Monday through Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM to help you.

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