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Woodhams Eye Clinic welcomes your patients for evaluation for vision correction including LASIK with IntraLASE, ICL, Cataract Surgery, Enhanced Cataract Surgery and Prelex.

Woodhams Eye Clinic Doctors

In 2014, Woodhams Eye Clinic added new staff to our growing practice to care for the patients you entrust to us for evaluation and surgery. More detailed information on our doctors can be found under "About Us" on the home page.

Dr. Anar Maurya, O.D.

From The Desk of J. Trevor Woodhams M.D.

Many patients in the baby-boomer generation consult with us regarding their suitability for having LASIK. Oftentimes, Prelex™ (Presbyopic Lens Exchange) may be a better solution.

Prelex™ is the microsurgical removal and replacement of the natural, crystalline lens of the eye with any degree of cataract for the primarily refractive goals of ametropia and presbyopia correction. Advantages over LASIK include 1) a more permanent correction for ametropia, 2) better binocular vision in that there is no compromise inherent in planned IOL monovision, 3) greater likelihood of achieving ametropia in high spectacle Rx individuals, and 4) elimination of the slow, progressive degradation in visual function from the developing cataract. On the other hand, Prelex™ is both more invasive and expensive than LASIK, and carries with it a greater risk of those complications inherent in intraocular procedures.

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PRELEX™ or Enhanced Cataract Surgery

Makes Dollars and Cents!

"Typical practices are affected by declining reimbursement, which leaves them no choice but to seek out additional income and profit sources, whether it's premium IOLs or a productive and profitable dispensary. This is no longer a luxury for today's practice; it is an essential part of the very fabric of maintaining the practice."

Ron Cates, Medical Eye Glass Center