Cataract Surgery - What can I expect?

Cataract Surgery and Vision Correction in Atlanta, Georgia

The decision to undergo cataract surgery with lens implant is an important one, because it's a decision that will likely pay dividends for the rest of your life. Cataract and lens implant surgery is one of the most widely performed surgeries in the world. Dr. Woodhams has years of experience caring for the people in the Atlanta area as well at the entire southeast.

The purpose of cataract and lens implant surgery is to replace your natural, clouded lens with a new intraocular lens implant that will correct your vision. The exact type of lens implant will be determined in the consultation with your doctor.

Woodhams Eye Clinic is the exclusive provider for PreLex™ procedure in Georgia. With Prelex™, the doctor inserts a presbyopia-correcting lens instead of the traditional monofocal lens. What does this mean for you? An eye that can focus at varying distances much like your natural, healthy lens.

We also have other cataract and lens options available. During your consultation with our doctors you will discuss all of your lens options and pricing as well as financing options with your surgery counselor.

Here is what to expect during your Cataract and lens Implant surgery

On the day of surgery you will need someone to drive you home after your procedure

When you arrive at the surgery center you will go to the pre-op area and be given a mild sedative, (Valium) to help you relax. We perform cataract surgery on an outpatient basis so there is no overnight stay needed. We use an anesthetic gel along with an antibiotic drop to anesthetize and sterilize the eye. The drops work almost instantly to numb the eye, making the procedure painless. Because we do not use general anesthesia, you will be back on your feet much more quickly.

After the eye has been completely anesthetized, the doctor will begin the procedure while you focus on a bright overhead light. A tiny incision will be made, allowing access to your natural lens where your cataract will be broken up with ultrasonic vibration and vacuumed out. Then the new, folded up lens implant will be inserted thru the same small incision. The incision is so small (less than 3 millimeters in length) that it usually does not require single stitch!

Your entire cataract surgery lens implant experience, including pre-op preparation, should take about two to three hours. Vision can vary quite a bit on the first post-op day depending on how much swelling there may be. Your vision will improve quickly over the next five to seven days and it will continue to improve in the weeks that follow. There is rarely any discomfort following this procedure. You can expect some temporary and side effects such as scratchiness and light sensitivity.

If you have any other cataract surgery questions, please call the office to speak with our knowledgeable staff. We're happy to walk you through what to expect. Two of our staff members have had Prelex and can speak with you about their experience.

If you're an Atlanta, Georgia resident considering cataract surgery, please contact Woodhams Eye Clinic today to arrange a consultation.