Anesthesia for Cataract Surgery

When Atlanta residents are diagnosed with cataracts diagnosed at the Woodhams Eye Clinic, many of them are a little nervous about the prospect of undergoing surgery to correct their cataracts.

While this is understandable, it's important for you to know that cataract surgery is a common procedure with a 98 percent safety record. Our doctors have decades of experience serving the people of Georgia and know how to make your surgical experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

One of the questions about cataract surgery you might relate to anesthesia. You want to know how our doctors will protect you from pain during your cataract surgery.

There are two options, and our doctors will make the decision with your unique situation in mind:

  • Eye drop anesthetic: You will be given a mild sedative and an eye drop containing an anesthetic solution will be gently placed on your eye, numbing it and making it safe for surgery. Most of our patients have this option.
  • Local anesthetic: You will be given a sedative for relaxation, and then our doctor will make an anesthetic injection in the treatment area. This is rarely necessary for cataract surgery.

Talk With a Professional Eye Doctor

Our eye doctors will discuss all of your cataract surgery options before you undergo your procedure. We will explain which anesthetic option is appropriate for your specific needs.

If you're considering cataract surgery in the Atlanta, Georgia area, please contact Woodhams Eye Clinic today for a consultation.

Written by J. Trevor Woodhams, M.D. - Chief of Surgery, Woodhams Eye Clinic