Cataract Surgery - How long is recovery?

Cataract Surgery and Vision Correction in Atlanta, Georgia

During your cataract surgery consultation with Georgia ophthalmologist Dr. Trevor Woodhams, you will learn about the surgery options available at Woodhams Eye Clinic. You and Dr. Woodhams will discuss your cataract surgery questions and what you can expect during your recovery period.

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Cataract Surgery Recovery Period

Everyone's recovery from cataract surgery will be unique. In general, full recovery takes about three months. The day following your surgery you will return to the clinic for a brief check-up. Post-op visits will be at about a week, a month, and at about three months after your surgery. Your second eye will be scheduled when you and the doctor agree that the first eye is satisfactory. This typically occurs in about two to three weeks.

Dr. Woodhams will prescribe the necessary eye drop medications that you will pick up from your pharmacy and bring to your surgery appointment. On the day of your surgery, you will be given a kit that contains lubricating eye drops, protective eye shields, and instructions detailing when to use your drops after surgery. Our nurse will review these instructions with you on the day of your surgery.

After surgery, your vision will improve rapidly over the first 5 to 7 days but may fluctuate some during the cataract surgery recovery period. During your follow up visits your vision will be checked to measure your progress.

Once your vision has stabilized, you may still need prescription glasses to correct for refractive errors. However, some people find that cataract surgery that includes special lenses available at Woodhams Eye Clinic will address most of these issues. It may be possible for you to have LASIK after your cataract surgery to correct your astigmatism. As with your recovery period, this will be based on factors unique to your body.

During your cataract surgery planning phase, Dr. Woodhams and our highly trained staff will discuss any questions with you in more detail.

If you live in Georgia and have developed cataracts, please contact Woodhams Eye Clinic today to schedule a cataract surgery consultation.