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Cataract Surgery and Vision Correction in Atlanta, Georgia

CataractsA cataract is a clouding of the eye’s natural lens, reducing the sharpness of the image on the retina, making things appear fuzzy.  Cataracts are part of the natural aging process of the eye and are the leading cause of visual loss for people 55 or older, but eye injuries and certain diseases, such as diabetes and alcoholism can also cause cataracts.

Treatment for a cataract consists of replacing the clouded lens with a sterile acrylic or silicone lens.  These lenses can also correct your myopia and hyperopia.

Cataract surgery is a fast, safe and painless procedure that is done with such precision and with such tiny incisions, that usually no stitches are required and recovery time is minimal.

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There are multiple choices for the treatment of cataracts including Traditional Cataract Surgery that will remove cataracts and correct nearsightedness or farsightedness.  Most patients need reading glasses after this procedure. 

We also perform Enhanced Cataract Surgery in which refractive testing and calculations are performed that make it possible to provide a modified mono-vision result.  Mono-vision with cataract surgery will provide good distance and good near vision.

The doctors at Woodhams Eye Clinic have been performing cataract surgery since 1983, and were the first in Georgia to perform the newer multi-focal or accommodating PreLex™ lens exchange.  We are the exclusive provider in Georgia for this advanced procedure. This procedure will provide excellent distance and near in both eyes eliminating them need for glasses for most activities.

Since 2004, the doctors at Woodhams Eye Clinic have helped thousands of patients become free of bifocals and reading glasses. One was even a staff member. Ask to speak with Jan when you call for information.

If you have signs of cataracts, Woodhams Eye Clinic can help. Contact us by e-mail or call 770.394.4000 today!

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Woodhams Eye Clinic is hands down the best out there. Their staff are very attentive and friendly, and both Dr. Woodhams and Dr. Patel have been...
Most professional, nicest staff ever!
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Dr. Woodham just completed two lens implants for my Prelix surgery. Whala.I have no readers, no contacts and am happy happy happy....
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