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Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, we invite you to come and discover how our pioneering team of doctors and staff can bring your world back into FOCUS.

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Don't be misled by 50% off coupons or claims of deep discounts for LASIK Surgery. For the same or more advanced technology at Woodhams Eye Clinic, you will pay less than the discounted or coupon fee.  Plus, you will be treated by the most experienced doctors and staff in the state of Georgia!  You CAN AFFORD THE BEST! Call us for details at 770-394-4000 or e-mail us.

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Fantastic Doctors and Staff!
5 Stars
Woodhams Eye Clinic is hands down the best out there. Their staff are very attentive and friendly, and both Dr. Woodhams and Dr. Patel have been...
Most professional, nicest staff ever!
5 Stars
Dr. Woodham just completed two lens implants for my Prelix surgery. Whala.I have no readers, no contacts and am happy happy happy....
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Welcome to Woodhams Eye Clinic

Eye Care and LASIK in Atlanta, Georgia

Welcome to Woodhams Eye Clinic, Atlanta's FIRST and MOST EXPERIENCED vision surgery clinic (since 1983). Our commitment has always been to the newest and most advanced vision correction technology.

As we like to tell our patients, PRECISE TECHNOLOGY means nothing in the absence of dedication to the PERSONAL CARE and EMPATHY we bring to the whole vision surgery experience.

Vision Solutions That Fit Your Needs.

Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted, have astigmatism, or cataracts we invite you to come and discover how our pioneering team of doctors and staff can help you BRING YOUR WORLD BACK INTO FOCUS. Our surgeons utilize today's most advanced technology and surgical techniques, including the latest medications, diagnostic testing, laser treatments, and lens implant procedures.

We offer comprehensive vision correction procedures, including WaveFront IntraLASE, and lens implantation including PreLex™ or Presbyopic Lens Exchange - the latest in lens implants for age-related farsightedness and cataract surgery, glaucoma management, and treatment for diabetic disorders. Woodhams Eye Clinic is also the country's leading provider for the ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens for patients under 45 years old, who are severely nearsighted (-3 to -15) and are not candidates for laser vision correction.

Woodhams Eye Clinic also has a newly expanded OPTICAL SHOP with a Licensed Dispensing Optician who has over 20 year experience to help you with your glasses and contacts.  Our optical shop carries frames and sunglasses in all price ranges including designer frame such as Tom Ford, LaFont, Mont Blanc, Ferragamo, Kate Spade and many others.  We are happy to fill prescriptions from other providers.  Experience makes a difference!

Incredible Results & Experienced Staff.

According to our most recent, three-month (stable) data for WaveFront IntraLASE, in over 400 myopic (nearsighted) patients, over 96% saw at least 20/20 at distance with binocular, uncorrected vision. 100% saw 20/32 or better. Almost 80% saw BETTER than 20/20!

There were no infections, scars, or flap dehiscence and only one case of flap "wrinkles" that required secondary smoothing. No patient's eye in the history of LASIK or WaveFront IntraLASE at Woodhams Eye Clinic in Atlanta has ever "gone blind" or suffered permanent loss of vision more than three lines on an eye chart.

For information or to schedule an appointment please call 770-394-4000 Woodhams Eye Clinic    1140 Hammond Dr Suite E-5100      Atlanta, GA 30328 Certified Angies List

Woodhams Eye clinic provides this website about eye care and vision correction for information purposes, and no medical advice is implied. Woodhams Eye Clinic proudly offers comprehensive eye care services throughout Atlanta, Dunwoody and Vinings, Georgia areas. Please contact our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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