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What Is 20/20 Vision?

Most people associate 20/20 with “perfect” vision, but what does that actually mean? Perfect according to whom and why? And what about those people who say they have better than 20/20 vision? Is that even possible?? What’s actually kind of crazy is…

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Still Wearing Contacts and Cooking? That’s a Recipe for Disaster

Still Wearing Contacts and Cooking? That’s a Recipe for Disaster You fancy yourself a foodie, so you jumped at the chance to host a dinner party to break in your friend’s newly redesigned kitchen. You slaved over the menu that would…

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What causes dry eye and how do you treat it?

Do you suffer from dry, sandy, gritty, red, irritated eyes? Are you finding limited relief from drugstore eye drops? Do your eyes burn and feel fatigued after extended computer use? If you answered yes to any of the above, you…

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How effective is Laser Vision Correction?

How effective is Laser Vision Correction? Ask your doctor. They’ve likely had it done on themselves. If you’ve ever wondered if LASIK or other refractive surgery is safe and effective, improves your quality of life, and is as beneficial as…

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Woodhams wins Atlanta Bike Challenge

Woodhams Eye Clinic is a proud winner of The 2015 Atlanta Bike Challenge!!! Our own Valerie Crouse led an impressive effort of 82% participation. It was by far the most by companies participating with  20-49 employees. Valerie organized and lead…

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