The Truth About $250 LASIK

Can you really have LASIK for $250?

LASIK has been very successful in the United States and anything that has been successful, it's attracted a lot of people. As it has become more competitive, a number of the LASIK chains cut corners, use older lasers, that cannot do the job that we can do now. And now you're seeing advertising that you never expected to see in medicine.

You'll see commercials which are essentially a bait-and-switch method. Patients will visit businesses that offer $299, $250, even as low as $229 'special' and in most cases that price is only good for 1% or less of patients. The other problem with the LASIK chain places, (and if it has "LASIK" in the name, it's a chain) is that if you get anything it's going to be LASIK, when many patient may be better suited for another procedure such as ICL which you will not hear about from a LASIK chain.

So, can LASIK be performed for $250 per eye? In very rare cases, yes. But know there are no more LASIK procedures being done at that price than is absolutely necessary to fend off an FTC complaint. If they aren't telling you this, what else might a company recruiting customers with "bait & switch" tell you (or not tell you) to get you on the laser table for cash? For the record, according to the the price range of Custom Bladeless LASIK in Atlanta GA is between $1,754 - $5,480 per eye, with a fair price at $2,192 depending on your prescription. Here are questions you'll want to ask your provider when inquiring about discount LASIK?

  • What percentage of your patients qualify for LASIK at the promotional price?
  • What type of patient typically qualifies for the promotional price?
  • What is the average price you charge for LASIK?
  • What type of procedure qualifies at that price? (Traditional, Custom, Custom-bladeless)
  • Will I be able to talk to the actual surgeon who will be performing the procedure before my LASIK surgery?
  • What is the success rate of the patients you serve?
  • What other procedures are available to those may not make a good LASIK candidate?

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