Considering LASIK?

Considering LASIK?

Choose Premium ACCULASIK


Woodhams Eye Clinic presents AccuLASIK, the most comprehensive and accurate LASIK process in the country.

What is AccuLASIK?

AccuLASIK is Woodhams Eye Clinic proprietary process that ensures our patients receive the most accurate diagnosis through our exacting multi-point inspection process followed by our AccuLASIK procedure, our all laser bladeless procedure performed with the Nidek Quest, the most accurate LASIK laser in the industry.

Woodhams Eye Clinic is the only clinic in Georgia with the Nidek Quest.

In addition, AccuLASIK from Woodhams is an all-inclusive procedure that takes care of everything from start to finish:

  • Multi-Point diagnostic testing (highest and most accurate in the industry)
  • All-Laser bladeless procedure performed with Nidek Quest (only one in Georgia)
  • All prescription medications and drops
  • All diagnostic and follow-up visits (Day-after, 1-week, 30-day, 3-month)