Anesthesia for Cataract Surgery

When Atlanta residents are diagnosed with cataracts diagnosed at the Woodhams Eye Clinic, many of them are a little nervous about the prospect of undergoing surgery to correct their cataracts. While this is understandable, it's important for you to know that cataract...

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Does LASIK Correct Nearsightedness and Farsightedness?

Yes. LASIK surgery can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Dr. J. Trevor Woodhams is an experienced eye surgeon who has been changing client's lives with vision correction surgery for more than three decades. LASIK for Nearsightedness ...

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Woodhams Eye Clinic Becomes TrustDale Certified

Atlanta, GA – Dale Cardwell, President and CEO of TrustDale, announced today the selection of Woodhams Eye Clinic as the recommended ophthalmology group for consumers seeking the highest quality eye care services.  This announcement marks Woodhams Eye Clinic’s official...

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