Dr. Dickie McMullan, M.D.

As an eye surgeon, Dr. McMullan offers over 30 years of experience helping her patients improve their vision, at the same time decreasing their dependency on glasses and contact lenses.  Combining procedures of Femto-Second Laser Cataract Surgery, LASIK, PRK, premium implant cataract surgery and lens implants for extreme near-sightedness (ICL’s), she is experienced with the latest FDA approved options for maximizing vision and quality of life.

Following graduation in the first class of women at the University of Virginia, Dr. McMullan received her medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia.  After her residency at Emory University, one of the top five ophthalmology programs in the country, she completed two post-doctorate fellowships: a cornea fellowship at Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston, and a Lens Implant/Laser Fellowship in Atlanta. Her experience includes tens of thousands of refractive procedures including no-stitch cataract surgery, LASIK, PRK, ALK, corneal transplants, and implantation of premium lenses. 

Dr. McMullan is also a certified clinician for Botox and Juvaderm. Dr. McMullan has balanced her clinical career serving as an international lecturer and residency instructor.  She has participated in medical mission trips to Belize, Peru, Guatemala, Tanzania, Bhutan and Madagascar, and has worked at The Good Samaritan Center in Atlanta. She currently serves on the managing board of the University of Virginia Association. Dr. McMullan enjoys traveling, especially sailing, and photography.