Presby-Fix™ review after 2 months

Rut for WEC text blur 12Guest blogger Rutland Walker talks about  his Presby-Fix™ procedure 2 months after the day of surgery  at Woodhams Eye Clinic. 

I just had my two-month check up after having the procedure done on July 15th, 2015Presby-Fix™ is a surgical procedure to address presbyopia, (essentially the natural aging of your eyes) so that I no longer need reading glasses to see at “reading distance”.  I’m in my late 40’s but I feel like I’m 30 and in my opinion reading glasses look silly and “old”…not to mention they are frustrating as hell to keep up with!

Presby-Fix™ is a procedure whereby the surgeon makes a tiny pocket in the top layer of the cornea in your non-dominant eye and inserts an aperture called the KAMRA™ Corneal Inlay.  It creates a “pin hole” effect, allowing you to see clearly at close distance.

My Results at 2 Months

It is not an immediate “WOW!” factor like LASIK where you go into the operating room wearing glasses or contacts and come out seeing the clock on the wall across the room clearly for the first time.  The results have been gradual so I am not always present to the consistent improvement I’ve experienced but after seeing the results of my “score”, I was blown away.  See for yourself:

NVA (Near Vision Acuity) DVA (Distance Vision Acuity)
Before Presby-Fix 20/50 20/25
1-Day after Presby-Fix 20/25 20/25
1-Month after Presby-Fix 20/25 20/16
2-Months after Presby-Fix 20/12.5 20/16

How crazy is that?!?!  I haven’t picked up a pair of readers since July 15th.  The first month I didn’t wear them as a matter of principle.  I wanted it to “work” so in my way of thinking I wanted to train my eyes to adjust to life without reading glasses.   But after two months, it doesn’t even cross my mind.  I don’t even think about them and in fact have given my reading glasses (and I had multiple pairs) away. I came to expect that Presby-Fix™ would correct my near-distance vision without compromising my distance vision. For whatever reason it not only improved my near vision but my distance vision improved slightly as well.  I’m not sure why, but it sure did.

Three things to know if you are thinking about Presby-Fix™:

  • Don’t expect immediate results. My results continued to improve gradually as you can see, although other patients with more pronounces presbyopia than I may have more of an immediate result.
  • Follow your doctor’s orders meticulously. They give you explicit instructions before and after the procedure. Follow them to the letter!
  • Be diligent about your eye drops and Hydro-Eye. Especially the FML drops. It makes a huge difference.  I experience some dry eye in the beginning because I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been in the beginning.

Best thing I’ve ever done.  Seriously.   Thanks to everyone at Woodhams and Acu-Focus for making this happen.


Rutland Walker is a marketing consultant who lives in Atlanta, GA.  He is a patient of Woodhams Eye Clinic.  Any opinions or experiences expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Woodhams Eye Clinic, our employees, affiliates, or other patients.  Your results may vary.

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