LASIK with Keratome vs. Intralase SBK

What is the difference betweek LASIK surgery done with Keratome vs. Intralase SBK? Which one is better?

If everything goes well, there is really not much difference at all in the safety or visual outcomes.

All LASIK involves 2 steps: 1) Cutting a very thin flap from the surface of the cornea, and 2) removing some of the underlying cornea in a precise manner so as optimize the focus of the eye, then replacing the flap.

This was originally done mechanically with what resembled a microlathe containing a steel blade. The variability in thickness of the flap was occasionally an issue as was centration. If a second treatment was needed (more common in the early days than now), the edge of the this kind of flap could sometimes re-heal poorly.

Most LASIK today uses a femtosecond laser to cut that flap, which is more precise and without the beveled edge of the mechanical keratome (microlathe), making for a better seal at the edge.

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