Do nearsight-correcting IOLs and ICLs cause minification like nearsight correcting eyeglasses do?

Only negligibly -or not at all.

The minification and greater distance away that an object appears when looking through a strong concave spectacle lens is a function of how far away from the eye you hold it.

Technically, it is a matter of how far away from the "nodal point" of the eye the lens is held. The " nodal point" is somewhat like the fulcrum of a lever -it is typically located near the center of the natural lens of the human eye, right behind the pupil.

This is why contact lenses provide a more natural size and apparent distance to objects than otherwise equivalent glasses. ICLs and IOLs are even closer to that nodal point than contact lenses!

J. Trevor Woodhams, MD - Chief of Surgery, Woodhams Eye Clinic