Can I get LASIK if I have dry Eyes?

Your tear film is an important part of your ability to focus. Dry eyes can affect how well you heal after surgery and your vision after surgery. Atlanta patients considering LASIK will be thoroughly screened to test for dry eyes. Depending on your degree of dry eyes, you may not be a good candidate for LASIK.

In everyday circumstances, a healthy tear film protects your eyes from infection and provides a smooth optical surface for clear vision. If you have chronically dry eyes before LASIK, you may not produce enough tears to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear after your LASIK procedure.

Patients who cannot undergo LASIK because of dry eyes may respond well to dry eye treatment or may have other surgical options for vision correction, such as ICL or PreLex™. Dr. Woodhams and his staff of doctors will discuss your LASIK alternatives with you during your consultation and will recommend the best surgical procedure to correct your vision.

If you are concerned that dry eyes may prevent you from undergoing LASIK, please call 770-394-4000 or contact Woodhams Eye Clinic today to schedule your consultation with an experienced eye surgeon in Atlanta.